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About Julia Lashay

Julia Lashay Israel is a licensed real estate broker and the managing partner of the Signature Group in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Dallas, Texas. Over the past 20 years she has held numerous KW leadership positions and has trained and coached thousands of real estate professionals.

Julia is currently the NTNMM (North Texas, New Mexico, Memphis) regional ambassador for the Keller Williams Realty Social Equality task force and serves on numerous other real estate boards and committees. She is the owner and co-founder of REFOCUS University and uses her experience as a community leader and homeownership advocate to teach content she has authored on career development, diversity and homeownership...


Career Highlights

Signature Group

Triple Platinum Circle
$32M sold in 2020

Signature Group

Double Platinum Circle
$21M sold in 2019

2020 Exceptional

Service Award

2018 Minneapolis Area REALTORS'

REALTOR of the Year nominee


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Client Review

We have worked with several realtors in the past, but never have we had a realtor like Julia Israel. As far as our church, and my wife and I are concerned, we will maintain Julia as our realtor. Her customer service skills is 5 stars. She treated us with the utmost respect, worked with what we wanted, and made the sale very gratifying.

Bishop Richard D. Howell

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